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Our mission in creating this website was to give gamers a voice. We’re not just another online gaming site. We’re elsewhere, and we interact with our community to determine the games and gaming-centric products that we preview and review. Even our news focus is shaped by our readers. If interest simply isn’t there for a particular gaming story, then we’ll move on to something else that may interest you more.

News from Around the Gaming Sphere

Our team of journalists covers every aspect of the gaming industry, and we’ll get the news to you as it’s happening. You can monitor the latest news on our Twitter feed or the front page of our site. Let us know what you think. What to know more? Then we’ll dig in. We’ll even aggregate the best gaming news and stories from around the Web and link you to it rather than regurgitate it.

Live Coverage

Our team also handles live coverage of the events we know interest you. When it’s time for E3 or BlizzCon, rest assured that we’re on site in order to live blog, live stream and upload videos. Since it’s usually impossible to see every aspect of these ginormous events, this is just another opportunity for us to involve the community in order to determine where our focus will be.

The Previews You Want

We take that same reader-centric approach when determining what products and games we’ll preview. Sometimes you’ll want our take on games that are receiving a lot of hype. Other times, you’ll be tired of the hyped games and will want us to focus on games and products that simply aren’t getting enough attention.

Reviews that Don’t Pull Punches

When we review a game, it’s an intensive process, and we tell you what we think. We don’t care if our opinion falls outside the norm when the entire community is gushing or hating, and we often aren’t able to complete reviews before release dates. We think it’s better to give you an honest, thorough opinion rather than hurry to beat a deadline and perhaps influence you to overpay on day one.

Original Content Galore

If all we did was preview and review games, there wouldn’t be much to differentiate us. That’s why we take great pride in the original content we publish each week. That content comes in the form of articles, editorials, blog posts, videos, podcasts and even live streams. Give us ideas about the kind of gaming content you want to read, hear and see, and we’ll even come up with our own ideas.

Add Your Voice to Elsewhere Games

The concept of our gaming site doesn’t work as well without an amazing community. Come and be a part of that group. There are many ways in which you can participate and shape Elsewhere Games. Vote on content, leave comments, message us on Twitter or socialize on our forums. See you there!